How Much Will A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Cost

How Much Will A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Cost?

How Much Will A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Cost?

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, hiring a lawyer can be a huge help in many ways. A good accident attorney can help you navigate the process, take on the insurance companies on your behalf and get you the best settlement possible.

But if you’re going to hire one, you are likely worried about how much it will cost you. So how much does a motorcycle accident lawyer cost? Find out all you need to know about this below.

How Much Will A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Cost?

Would you believe us if we told you nothing? Well, that is the case. See, a motorcycle accident lawyer will not cost you anything unless they win your case for you. This is because the vast majority of motorcycle accident lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis.

This means you only have to pay then if you win your case.  

How much is this contingency fee? Well, the average fee for motorcycle accident attorneys is between 30% and 50%. The most common fee charged by firms is right about 33% of the amount of your settlement. So, if you win $100,000, they’ll get $33,000.

You will sometimes find fees lower than the above amount. Though this will usually just be for an easier case where the attorney settles and you/they don’t have to go before judge and jury.  

Note that the fee is based off the net amount of your settlement.

Other Costs

Other costs/fees are involved during a motorcycle accident case. These include expert investigative fees, fees for medical records/police reports, witness fees, court filings and fees, court reporter fees and more.

Before you hire an attorney, be sure you know how they handle all these other fees and costs. Will you have to pay for them as they come up? Or will the firm cover them for you and then add them to the fee they get at the end of the case (assuming you win).

Also, find out what happens with these fees if you don’t win your case.

Flat Fees For Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Sometimes a motorcycle accident attorney will charge a flat fee to take your case. However, this usually just happens for relatively easy cases. For example, if the lawyer just has to send a few letters on your behalf, they may work out a flat fee arrangement with you.

The amount of a flat fee will depend on the specifics of your case, where you live and the experience level of the attorney. However, figure on somewhere around $500 being the typical average.

Hourly Fees

Motorcycle accident attorneys that charge hourly fees are quite rare. So much so that they may be a red flag. You may want to consider finding another attorney if the one you go to wants to charge you by the hour. On the other hand, this could also be a sign they attorney thinks you have a weak case and the chances of winning are slim.  

The Final Word on Motorcycle Accident Attorney Costs

The best advice here is to know what you’re getting into as far as fees up front. Don’t hire an attorney to represent you until you know what the fee arrangement is and you understand the how it works whether you win or lose your case.